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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MONTHLY MEETING--Monday -July 11, 2005

VFP Tampa Bay Chapter 119
Monthly Meeting
Monday -July 11, 2005
19:00 / 7 pm

John F Germany
Hillsborough County Main Library
900 N Ashley Drive
Tampa, FL 33602-3704
Phone (813) 273 - 3652

Please bring drinks or munchies!

6:30 p.m. - VETWORKING: Meet new and old friends
7:00 Self introductions
7:15 Minutes from the last meeting
7:25 Treasurer’s report – Jesse Kern
7:30 Old Business

***Reports on activities
Military Recruitment Education
Hillsborough County – Bill Hines
Pinellas County – Dwight Lawton
Jesse Kern proposed handouts, etc.

Contact info.

Website: Anita Stewart

Parade Chapter Banner: Jay Alexander

Arlington South War Memorial in Chapter Area

Casualty Count Signs

Other old business

***8:10 New Business
Do we support the impeachment position of National?
Pinellas Progressive Gathering at Fossil Park
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Vigil
VFP Dallas Convention
Election of Officers

*** August Meeting - August 8, 2005 -
Largo Library Room C

8:45 Adjourn


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

**THIRD** rally to DEMAND TRUTH FROM MEDIA!--Action on Thursday Night 6/9


Hello Code Pink! I hope you will join me this Thursday, June 9 for the
third rally of the Save America Coalition. Details follow. Given the
action from Code Pink today about the Downing Street Memo- the timing is
excellent. Check out our previous two rallies here:

JOIN US! Participants include members of St. Pete for Peace, Progressive
Democrats of America, Democracy for America Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay
Veterans for Peace and other concerned citizens.

We are calling for the media (and the passing rush hour motorists) to
DEMAND THE TRUTH and investigate the "Downing Street Memo". The
administration has been documented LIEING and fixing the case for war
(yes, I know WE know this, but others are opening their eyes). The major
media are starting to ASK QUESTIONS.

We have been covered in the local press, and these SIMPLE actions have
garnered national attention.

Now is the time to TAKE ACTION. Please take ten or fifteen minutes out
of your day and join us. Please forward this message to all you know
(not just email; CALL people you know!)

Thanks and I hope to see you there! (bring your own fabulous hot pink
poster board sign, or hold up one we will provide for you!) PEACE!
Michelle Geisler

P.S.- if you bring just THREE others with you, I will give you a
fabulous BIG Code Pink button for FREE! (look for my pink sign with
Downing Street Memo on it)
-----Original Message-----
Subject: **THIRD** rally to DEMAND TRUTH FROM MEDIA!

When: Thursday, June 9th at 4:30 p.m.

Where: Media General/Channel 8/Tampa Tribune complex on Parker in
downtown Tampa (between Channelside and UT; between Kennedy and the
Crosstown)--map is here:


What: Protest the Media; DEMAND TRUTH

Why: To DEMAND TRUTH about the much-ignored (and continually being
discounted) Downing St. Memo!

Please feel free to pass this along, FAR and WIDE!

Hello Fellow Progressives!!

We are planning YET ANOTHER sign-holding rally outside of the Media
General/Channel 8/Tampa Tribune complex on Parker in downtown Tampa
(between Channelside and UT; between Kennedy and the Crosstown), to
express our outrage at the media not doing its job of reporting on the

The Downing Street Memo is the document which proves that George Bush
and Tony Blair "fixed the facts" to get us into the Iraq war and
resulted in the unnecessary deaths of 1,600 American men and women in
uniform, as well as more than 100,000 Iraqis.

NOTE that some mainstream media IS starting to cover it, but
predictably, the conservative talking heads and Bush spinmeisters are
already trying to discredit it. (For more info about the Downing Street
Memo, visit http://www.downingstreetmemo.com)

This story of the White House's deception and betrayal of us, and its
potentially impeachable offense, has been VIRTUALLY IGNORED by the
mainstream media!! We want to bring it to the public's attention--our
first step is to picket on Kennedy near Media General, and draw the
media to us!!

Thank you to all who have shown your support at the last two rallies. If
at all possible, please, try to make some time for a third day to
support this worthy cause, and DEMAND TRUTH FROM OUR MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!

Michelle K.


Time and date to be announced right here as soon as both are finalized. Keep checking back!


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

TV News Coverage!


This was some TV coverage of the Memorial Day Vigil for the Fallen in Tampa--May 30th on Bayshore Blvd. Click on the "video" to see the report!

Memorial Day on the Radio!

Subject: Vets for Peace Radio Show on 88.5!
Go to this site:
...and click on the show for May 30th to listen to Veterans for Peace on the radio for one hour on 88.5 WMNF-FM yesterday!