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Sunday, October 16, 2005

COUNTER-RECRUITMENT--"National Stand Down Day" Discussing a local event for this date!

"National Stand Down Day"
End The Iraq War - Demonstrations and Nonviolent Resistance at
Recruiting Stations Across the Country

November 18, 2005

Young Americans sign on to go into harm's way to defend their country
if necessary, but instead they are being turned into harm's ministers
in a war that has claimed more then 100,000 Iraqi lives and nearly
2,000 Americans. The President and Congress have breached a sacred
trust with our soldiers and abused their oath to defend the
Constitution by leading young Americans to kill and die in a war based
on lies.

As the Bush Administration refuses to make plans to bring our troops
home, join us for "National Stand Down Day," as we halt the machinery
that takes young Americans off to this illegal and endless war in Iraq.

We welcome, and will provide coordination and support as possible, for
all manner of protests and demonstrations at recruiting centers. We
want to especially encourage and assist nonviolent resistance actions,
such as civil resistance or civil disobedience. As we recognize and
support soldiers who take great risks to refuse fighting in this
unjust war, so it is our moral responsibility to share that risk to
the extent that we can, by preventing even more young Americans from
being placed in such jeopardy – particularly in light of the lies and
abusive practices being used in the recruiting process.

Our violation of these unjust practices is undertaken in a spirit of
nonviolence and love, with compassion and respect for all we
encounter. But our nonviolence will not be mistaken for lack of
resolve: we cannot stand by while our schools and communities are
militarized by the "No Child Left Behind Act," or as potential
recruits are deceived by clauses that allow the armed forces to
disregard the terms of their contract.

This call is also made in support of the "National `Not Your Soldier'
Youth and Student Day of Action" call for a youth and student led counter-recruitment day of action on Thursday, November 17. We encourage everyone who will
participate in National Stand Down Day on November 18 to support the
efforts of local students as well - you can find out more by going to


Please join us as we say NO the war in Iraq, and NO to the recruitment
of our fellow Americans into this war.

If you are interested in joining this nationally coordinated day of
nonviolent action to end the war, please contact us at http://www.iraqpledge.org

National Stand Down Day is a project of the Iraq Pledge of
Resistance's National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance.

Endorsers (list in formation):
Code Pink Women for Peace
National Call for Nonviolent Resistance
Progressive Democrats of America
Iraq Pledge of Resistance

Pete Perry

"Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace."


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