Tampa Bay Veterans for Peace Chapter 119

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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Dear Friends,

There wil be an organizing meeting for those who are interested in
counter-recruitment actions. The meeting will be on November 3rd at 7:30 pm at
the Quaker Meeting House (130 19th Ave S.E.) Please join us then as we
collaborate on ideas for actions which will bring some attention to this
important issue. Call 867-1212 (Linda) or 864-1535 (Dwight).

In peace,
Linda Hubner


Veterans for Peace and others to leaflet at Dunedin High School, Friday, Nov. 4
at 6:15 am. Please join us for one hour.
Contact: Dwight Lawton 727-414-0308
Location: 1651 Pinehurst Rd, Dunedin, Pinellas County, FL
School phone #: 727-469-4100

Directions; from US 19, go east on 580 (Main St.) past CR 1 north on Pinehurst
Rd. School on the west side.

Veterans for Peace, Tampa Bay and other community groups will be leafleting at
Dunedin H.S. to provide information to students and their parents about their
right to opt out of being contacted by military recruiters and to give them
educational information that will aid them in their enlistment decision.

The Pinellas and Hillsborough County school administrations have denied veterans
and other community groups the opportunity to speak to students about military
service. We and the students have been denied rights guaranteed by the First and
Fourteenth Amendment. This denial runs counter to the primary goal of education
to provide needed information.

Please call or e-mail Pinellas School Superintendent, Dr. Clayton Wilcox
(727-588-6011); wilcoxc@pcsb.org or Hillsborough Superintendent, Mary Ellen Elia
(813 -272-4000); Maryellen.elia@sdhc.K12.fl.us and ask them to instruct the
schools to give us the same access that is afforded military recruiters.


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